I'm going to live in Tokyo Someday but Right Now I cant.


My bottom itches..... Oh sorry this is going live oops. As you can see I'm having an off day. Gomen Nasai ( Im sorry, for you people who are too ignorant to learn Japanese.) anyways I am devoting most of my time nowadays to my website and to this blog which as you can see hasn't been updated in a while. Everybody go to Megatokyo. Its a great site. It has a comic/online manga about 2 friends who go to tokyo in search of releif from their problems in their separate lives and in a Anime Gadget store they load up their credit cards and are there fore stuck in Tokyo. I wouldnt be very worried about it. I won't ruin it for you but just so you know they do find a place to crash.
Cya Later
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