I'm going to live in Tokyo Someday but Right Now I cant.


Today was hard for me I woke up (if thats what I did I stll feel asleep). So all day i felt like I was high or had a really bad headache and my eyes I had to keep the rubbing them. The day wasnt horrible but I wasn't my best day ever either. I read on slashdot yesterday that google might be starting a free email service. I hope they do that and If the do It I want it to have no Ads at all. I am sick of pop-ups and ads that take up of kthe page that should be reserved for web page content. Everyday I dream about the place I long to go to Tokyo. i found a Plane ticket on Priceline.com for 200 bucks. Thats really cheap considering on other sites the air fare is 1000 and up. Thats the best price on that plane ticket that ive seen in a long time. But the weird thing is that they add taxes and I thought they only had taxes on online Shopping at European sites. That kinda stumped me, but whatever. Ive got Mozilla FireBird now and so i have no problems with any popups whatsoever. We have do this thing in Physics where we have to Drive to Oak Mountain,AL and Record all of the results and turns that we take on the way. Today was pretty good but I miss not being connected to the net at school. We cant get on the net because some idiots decided to get on AIM at school. Now nobody can get ion the net at all in the class rooms. The last week before christmas 30 people were in In School Suspension for that little stunt.
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