I'm going to live in Tokyo Someday but Right Now I cant.


Hey I'm at my friend chazz's house. Hes doing chores. We are watching FLCL or fooly cooy. Its a crazy anime, I love it. Its the best. I want the japanese subbed episodes. Adult Swim on CN rocks. Cowboy Bebop is boss also. I found a new cool game for my Gamecube. Animal Crossing I love it. When you startout everything you get is randomly generated; house, town people everything. FLCL is hillarious, "Its not just a Game." The Pillows Rock they do the music for fooly cooly. I want to get the american release of the soundtrack. The instrumental are the best. Someday I want to go to Akiba and buy everything I can find thats fooly cooly; or anything that is anime and crazy. Ta-kun and naota are the same person, I have just learned. There Is one thing I am still wondering, In what town does fooly cooly take place? I know it takes place in japan but thats about it. I also like when the robot starts doing housework for naota's family. Anyway, By for now.

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