I'm going to live in Tokyo Someday but Right Now I cant.


I'm here reporting Live from Chazz's House... wait I'm not reporting at all..... oh well. Anyways, I'm here at Chazz's House. He's playing Halo and I'm updating this. I really want to buy a domain name. I'll get one as soon as I get my bank account number so I can put money in. Also I found a great site for Buying Japanese Snacks . It has bunch of Japanese drinks. They have Kirin Coffee drink, and they also have CC Lemon!!!! Yay!! We've been having loads of fun. We just got back from swimming, it was great. We made big splashes one after another in the pool and made huge splashes, I felt like I was back in the ocean.
Just so you know, I was playing Halo ON THE PC. Not on an xbox.

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